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By Jon Hammond
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Randall Preserve protects Tehachapi open space

Land of Four Seasons


January 22, 2022

Jon Hammond

A Checkered White butterfly nectar-feeds on Fiddleneck blossoms on the Randall Preserve.

Those who love open space and wildlife were delighted recently to learn that The Nature Conservancy has just completed their largest nature reserve in the state of California, and it's located entirely in the Tehachapi Mountains and Sierra Nevada.

Jon Hammond

A basalt outcropping with reddish-orange lichen colonies rises like an island out of a seas of spring wildflowers, primarily yellow Hilltop Daisies and purple Gilia.

The 72,000-acre sanctuary is known as the Frank and Joan Randall Preserve in the Tehachapi Mountains, though locals are already shortening the name to the Randall Preserve or the Tehachapi Preserve. It was made possible through the incredible generosity of the Randalls, who donated $50 million to TNC to make possible the various purchases of property. The total price tag for acquiring various ranches was $65 million, with the additional funds coming from other generous individuals, conservation entities and governmental agencies.


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