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In December Kelcy Krupicka arrived in Tehachapi to start a completely new chapter of her life. The Austin, Texas native had accepted a three-year internship program at the National Test Pilot School in Mojave where she will be completing her Master of Science degree in Flight Test Engineering and working as a graduate assistant. The offer came following her graduation from Embrey-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Fla. where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering. She heard about the internship and was asked if she would like to apply. "Who would say no?" said Kelcy with a smile, adding that she didn't really think she would get it.

Kelcy is an only child. She said her engineering path actually began while she was in junior high school. She had always been good at math but she was approached at that time and asked if she would try engineering. All through high school she remembers telling her mom that she wanted to go to the airport and watch the planes. When asked if she had ever flown a plane, she said "no" it was just too expensive." Perhaps someday," she says.

Kelcy's parents came to Tehachapi from Austin, Tex. to help her hunt for a place to live. Her father is a supply-chain manager in Texas and her mother is a nurse. With rentals at a premium or more than likely unavailable in Tehachapi, Kelcy decided to buy a fixer-upper in town. Her graduate program will alternate six months of work followed by a year of school for three years. She figures that the house should be in pretty good shape when she graduates.

When asked what she does with her free time, Kelcy said she likes cycling and Zumba. Actually, she is a Zumba instructor. However, it sounds like her new house will be taking up much of her free time for a while. Also on her list over the next three years is to learn to fly.

Kelcy is definitely a girl on her way up. Welcome to Tehachapi Kelcy!


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