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Zack Scrivner elected Chairman of the Kern County Board of Supervisors

From our Supervisor

On Jan. 2, 2022, the Kern County Board of Supervisors unanimously elected Second District Supervisor Zack Scrivner to serve as this year's chairman of the Board. Chairman Scrivner was first elected to represent District 2 in 2010 and has spent more than a decade serving the communities of Bakersfield, Boron, Caliente, California City, Maricopa, Mojave, North Edwards, Rosamond, Taft and Tehachapi.

This year, Chairman Scrivner will lead Kern County forward, as an organization grounded in ideas, energy, and innovation.

"Kern County is a driving force in California's economy – the fifth largest in the world. As a hub for aerospace and defense, agriculture, energy, oil, mining and logistics, our region ranks third in the nation for most diversified economy and fifth in the nation for millennial attraction.

"I plan to execute our strategic business plan, which sets high-level goals and objectives to guide decision-making across all county functions, supporting measurable outcomes for our organization. Guided by the pillars of innovation, collaboration, accountability, service, financial excellence, and transparency, I am confident Kern County will be a model of excellence in managing our business and workforce, prioritizing enhancing quality of life for all Kern County residents by developing and growing a thriving and resilient regional economy.

"We will be the very best place to start and grow a business in this state and will attract and support new business in sectors such as carbon management and renewable fuel production and innovation, aerospace, business services, and advanced manufacturing. We will continue to promote and support our position as a national energy and agricultural leader and strengthen our position as a national leader in oil and gas production through responsible, streamlined permitting, long-term planning and industry evolution. We will also support and advocate for the development of state policies on innovative water reuse, banking, surface storage, water capture, and conjunctive use that supports our position as the one of the nation's top agricultural leaders.

"I am confident all of this can be accomplished and look forward to serving as Kern County's 2022 Chairman of the Board of Supervisors," Chairman Scrivner said.