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5 Heart Quilts & Fabric estate sale and other news at On the Blvd

On the Boulevard Antiques

Karen Cussimonio announced that beginning on Jan. 8 and continuing for the following two weeks, On the Boulevard Antiques will be holding a special estate sale at their store, 112 E. Tehachapi Blvd., in Suite A. The sale will include furnishings from the closing of 5 Heart Quilts & Fabric store.

Karen added that following the sale On the Blvd will be downsizing and moving everything remaining in Suite A into Suite B. “Maintaining both sides of the building became too difficult,” said Karen. This will take place during most of the month of January. Other changes are on the way as well, she added.

“I am very excited to announce that starting in February, the entire back room of Suite B at On the Blvd will be dedicated to fabric sales and include other sewing related items, as well,” said Karen.