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Thanksgiving Soberthon 2021: 12 step recovery meetings

Tehachapi Mountain Alano Club (TMAC)

For people who struggle to stay clean and sober, the familial and social demands of the holiday season can cause overwhelming stress, temptation and the possibility of relapse. In anticipation of this yearly difficulty, Tehachapi Mountain Alano Club will be hosting our annual Thanksgiving Soberthon.

On Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 25, we’ll open our doors at 6:30 a.m. and close at midnight. We’ll provide space for hourly 12 step recovery meetings to take place all day (and all night) long. There will also be a Thanksgiving potluck feast.

At Tehachapi Mountain Alano Club, we’re just people in recovery helping people in recovery. Come join us for fun, fellowship, food and freedom from drugs and alcohol.

Tehachapi Mountain Alano Club is located at 303 E. H Street in Tehachapi. For more information about this event (or other recovery-related topics), please reach out to Jim: (303) 378-4708.