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By Judith Campanaro
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Winter art ideas – let's create a holiday tradition


November 19, 2022

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Wine Corks

If children wish to make ornaments, projects are best to do with adult supervision.

Many of us are suffering post-COVID depression. Man-made and natural disasters, violence, financial difficulties, etc., have all contributed to distress in our ever-changing society. One way to offset the vicarious stress that affects so many of us is to create a tradition. Traditions help us focus on what is important in life. They nurture connection and provide a sense of belonging. It's so much fun to get together with friends over the holidays and bake Christmas treats. A cookie exchange is always memorable. But what about an ornament party? A gathering of friends and family creating handmade ornaments together is a great way to bring in Holiday cheer without extra cookie calories. Here are some ideas.

Wine Corks

Paint them, decorate them,

drink wine and have fun!

Supplies: you'll need an eye hook, acrylic paint, black Sharpie, pipe cleaner, little pom pom balls, glue and string for hanging.

Tea Lights

Supplies: battery operated tea lights, black Sharpie, red ribbon, pom poms, red pipe cleaner, black felt, orange Sharpie and a glue gun.

1. Use black Sharpie to draw face onto the tea light.

2. Cut a piece of pipe cleaner about 2.5" long.

3. Curve it around the tea light and add a small line of hot glue on both ends. Don't glue all the way around because you will need to slide ribbon under the pipe cleaner later.

4. Hot glue pom poms for ears.

5. Cut a 4" piece of ribbon for the scarf. Fold together and put hot glue at back end attach to tea light.

6. Cut thin ribbon about 10" long, slide under the pipe cleaner and knot together at the top.

7. Color the "nose" bulb with the orange Sharpie.

Cinnamon Sticks

These make the house smell amazing.

Supplies: cinnamon sticks, hot glue, buttons, pieces of evergreen and string for hanging.

1. Glue a loop of sting to top of cinnamon stick.

2. Glue pieces of evergreen to create look of Christmas tree.

3. Add buttons for ornaments.

Mini Wreath

Photo provided

Tea Lights

Make a mini wreath by stringing a handful of hazelnuts together. I used jewelry wire to string them and added baker's twine for the ribbon.


Supplies: dollar store gems, floral wire, floral snips and hot glue.

1. Cut four inches of floral wire and straighten it as best you can

2. Starting at one end, put a dab of glue on the wire, add a gem and quickly set another gem the same size on top

3. Keep sandwiching gems up the length of the wire adding larger gems as you go to create an icicle shape

4. When the glue sets, bend the wire to make a hook.


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