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Kids Corner – Here are some fun and easy crafts to make for the holidays

Some projects are best to do with adult supervision.

You can use them as gifts or decorations. One of my favorite things was to decorate the lid of a jar, fill it with candy and give it as a gift. They were fun and easy to make. I hope you enjoy these other fun ideas.

Popsicle Stick Santa Ornament

Supplies: popsicle sticks, red, white and black paint, googly eyes, orange and red paper, foam stars, string, glue and cardboard square.

1. place a string for hanging and glue it to top of cardboard piece

2. glue six popsicle sticks side by side onto the cardboard

3. paint one popsicle stick black and glue diagonally across front

4. paint the top of the popsicle sticks black for the hat, paint the bottom white

5. add a strip of red paper

6. add googly eyes, orange nose and a foam star

7. draw the mouth with a black Sharpie or paint

Let's make Christmas Trees

Candy Kisses Christmas Trees

Supplies: candy kisses, scrapbook paper, toothpicks and tape.

1. cut out triangles from scrapbook paper

2. tape a toothpick to the back

3. stick toothpick in the candy kiss

What a fun way to make a Christmas tree forest!

Cone Christmas Trees

Supplies: Styrofoam cones, foam stars, pom poms, Mod Podge and colored tissue paper.

1. cut tissue paper into squares and using Mod Podge glue them to the cone

2. add foam stars and pom poms

Santa Advent Calendar

This Santa is really fun!

Supplies: red, pink and white paper, glue, black Sharpie and cotton balls.

1. cut out a circle of white paper

2. make a hat with red and white paper

3. add a beard and write advent numbers on the beard with black Sharpie

4. draw eyes and nose with Sharpie

5. add cheeks with pink circles

6. each day glue a cotton ball on the next number

Styrofoam Snowman

Supplies: felt, small, medium and large Styrofoam balls or packaging Styrofoam you can recycle, pencils or sticks for arms and glue.

1. make the bottom and tops of the Styrofoam balls flat and glue them together

2. stick in pencils or twigs for arms

3. decorate with felt to make scarf, hat and gloves

Victorian Gift Cones

Fill them with treats to make someone happy or use them as ornament on the tree.

Supplies: scrapbook paper or paper that you decorate yourself, lace, ribbon, foam stars or pom poms and a hole punch.

1. on a square piece of paper, draw an arc at the top

2. cut off the top of the arc and glue the sides together

3. decorate the cone with lace, pom poms or foam stars

4. punch a hole in either side and attach the ribbon for hanging

5. fill with candies and little gifts