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Taylour and Amir Arami moved to Tehachapi in September from Bakersfield. Both are special education teachers. Amir began teaching math two days a week in the Tehachapi Unified School District last year and then decided the couple should move here. Taylour began teaching for TUSD this year in two different schools. The couple had lived in Bakersfield for three years following their marriage. Amir was working as an ADA therapist in Lamont.

Taylour and Amir met in Los Angeles four years ago on Taylour's birthday at Beetle House LA. They were married exactly one year later. They had a lot in common including loving movies and bowling. Taylour's background was originally in commercial and public relations before becoming a teacher.

Amir and his two brothers were born in Orange County and lived in Dana Point. He and his mother ran a preschool. He is still a director of Milestones Academy, a school with a curriculum that includes four languages and a class in prenatal yoga. He is hoping to open a tutoring and learning center in Tehachapi one day. His hobbies are archery, art and fishing.

Taylour was born in Rancho Cucamonga and has two brothers and two sisters. She said she used to snowboard but has given up the sport. She is interested in music, writing, animals and cooking. She and Amir collaborated on an apple pie that they submitted to the Apple Festival Pie Baking Contest in October. As a matter of fact, their pie won first place and the recipe will appear in the Shop Local for the Holidays, a special edition from The Loop newspaper.

Amir and Taylour love animals and have a selection of six dogs and cats with names such as Punisher, Avalanche and Storm. In my opinion, those animals are way too nice to have such scary names.

Welcome to Tehachapi, Amir and Taylour. I know we will be hearing more from you in the near future.

Robert and Debra Rea also moved to Tehachapi in September but from Santa Clarita. When asked why Tehachapi, the reasons were many. Although they have family members living nearby, the primary reason on the list was to get out of LA County. Also at the top of the list were the values and friendliness of the local people and affordability of the area. The couple had lived in Santa Clarita since 1999 when they moved back to California from Linden, Washington, where they had lived for ten years. Robert went to work for Southern California Gas Company where he is currently employed. Debra said they had wanted to move to Texas in 2017 but when their daughter moved to Santa Clarita, they changed their minds. They are now building a home in Tehachapi and Robert's mother will be joining them when it is completed.

Both Robert and Debra were born in California. Debra was born in San Diego and has two brothers. Robert was born in Glendale and grew up with three brothers and a sister. Debra's family moved to Lancaster in the 1960s and then to Santa Clarita at a time when she said you could walk down the street without seeing any cars. When she worked at Lockheed, she took the "old road" before Hwy 14 was built. She also worked in accounting at Walt Disney Studio in Burbank before she was married.

Robert's father was a pastor at Grace Community Church in the San Fernando Valley and Robert was able to go on a mission to Ecuador during part of his high school years. Debra and Robert met at Grace Community Church and were married in 1978. Debra said that when Robert finally got his degree in business from Masters University, he graduated with one of their daughters. He and Debra have two daughters, Robin and Rebecca and three grandchildren.

Robert loves hunting, fishing and remote control airplanes. He is delighted to now have a field nearby. Debra is a gourmet cook and enjoys sewing and baking. Both are avid readers. Keeping them company at home is Rocky, a little Yorkshire Terrier.

Welcome to Tehachapi to Robert and Debra. Enjoy!


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