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By Rick Gillies
Owner of Mountain Gardens Nursery and Pet 

Success with living Christmas trees

Mountain Gardens Nursery & Pet


October 23, 2021

Photo provided

Baby Blue Colorado Spruce.

Well, it is time to start thinking about Christmas again. I am her to talk about living Christmas trees and fall color plants today! If you are thinking of using a living tree, we have a patern! that we have followed for years here and it works to keep trees alive after you plant after Christmas. We have been doing this for 41 ears now, so it works!

Here are a few pointers for you. The tree should not be kept in the home for any longer than 14 days or less. Keep the tree in an unheated garage or shed until ready to bring it inside to decorate. This will keep the tree dorment while protecting it from the harsh elements. It is best not to keep it in a warm room for more than 14 days, otherwise it may come out of dormacy early and the transition may be too cold.

Water the tree throughly several hours before bringng in and then keep ice cubes on the roort ball to keep the soil moist and also keep the roots cool like what they would be outside. Pleace in a cool spot, away from heater vents and add ice every couple of days. Provide a saucer to catch excess water draining from pot. If decorating with lights, use only minature types that give off very little heat. Leds are fine!

After Christmas, move tree back into the garage or porch for a couple of days if it is freezing cold. The tree can adjust to temperature if it is not extreme. Soak the tree again from top to bottom after moving.

One of my customers put their tree on the deck in front of the living room window outside. They decorated the tree and put the gifts inside in front of the window. The tree didn't go through any tramma. If you can this is an excellant way to beet the elements.

This year I have bought trees from five different companies. So far so along with the standard colorado spruce I have some interesting new trees that I havn't had before. Not all are Christmas trees but they are very nice. Her's the list.

This year I bought trees from 5 different companies in Oregon. So along with standards like Colorado Spruces I have some interesting new trees that I havn't had before. Not all are Christmas trees but they are very nice! Here is the list: Picea fastigiata, not as tall or wide and can be planted in a small area. Weeping Blue Spruce, Cedrus atlantica glauca serpentine, 'Beautiful Blue Spruce', new this year, Pinus Leucodermis compacta, dwarf bosnian pine, thunderhead pine tree, Hornbrookii, are both dwarfs and Lodgpole pine.

Other new trees I have 6 different magnolies that bloom in winter or early spring! Full-moon maple, vine maple, nandina 'Flint & Moyers Red', Josee Lilac blooms in Summer, Lagerstroemia 1st edition "purple magic" blooms in the Summer. A new hardier crepe myrtle! Golden chain trees have been hard to get lately, but I have them along with Thuja Green Giant 12 foot tall all the way down to 1 gal size.

Come and see the Fall Color Plants.

Last year I started carring Douglas Fir Candles from Rhode Island with a great fir fragrance. Come in and smell them. Wind chimes, weather vanes, hummingbird feeders, fishtanks and puzzles galore.

Last year they were almost impossible to get but this year I have a supplier taking good care of me. So come see my next order that will be here shortly. Everything takes longer this year with the shortage of truck drivers. Yes it affects everyone! Happy Holidays.

Come by and see all we have for this holiday season. We are located at 503 Curry St. We are open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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