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Martial arts students attend seminar

Tehachapi Martial Arts Center students attended the "Total Self-Defense" seminar in Salinas taught by Master Rivas on Oct. 9. It was hosted by Master Hector Uribe, owner of Salinas Martial Arts Center.

Before the seminar began, Grandmaster Ivan Jadric of Tehachapi Martial Arts Center awarded black belt certificates to a group of his students that were at the seminar. These students had tested at an earlier date for different ranks of black belt. Their attendance at the seminar highlights their dedication and commitment to Combat Hapkido.

It was an excellent seminar, and it took Combat Hapkido to another level of training. As with every Combat Hapkido seminar, there is always something new to learn. Master Rivas demonstrated the practicalities of defending yourself in the streets whether you're threatened by empty hand attacks or weapons, leading to weapon disarming. Attendees were also taught the importance of preventing the attacker from taking you to the ground.

Approximately 20 men and women were in attendance, varying in ages from 13 to 75 years old.