John the Plumber: New office makes Google grumpy

John the Plumber


October 9, 2021

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John the Plumber has a new office and Google isn't happy with it. "Not sure what happened exactly," explains owner, John Nelson. "Everything was fine on our Google page then we updated our address and suddenly our page was gone. We've sent Google everything they've asked for to verify the legitimacy of the business and the address but they still haven't restored our page. We have more tricks up our sleeve but if that doesn't work we'll have to create a brand new page. It's been really frustrating because customers are having a hard time finding our number and a few people have told us that they heard we had closed the business. Not true at all!"

Despite the Google snafu, business is still brisk and JTP is looking to hire at least two more plumber trainees. "Applicants need to be able to pass a drug and background check but other than that, we provide everything a person needs to learn a sought after trade, "John says. "I take that back. They need a positive attitude, a desire to work and some basic construction knowledge is very helpful. We also want to encourage female applicants."

Company culture is something that John and his wife, Sarah, take seriously. "We want our employees to want to come to work," Sarah says. "John and I have both been employees before we were employers and we know how awful it is to hate your job or to not make enough money for even basic essentials. We are committed to providing a supportive atmosphere for all of our employees and paying a living wage, not just minimum wage. We don't believe in building our business on the backs of our employees without compensating them to the best of our ability. We are constantly looking at ways to save money within the business so that we can pay our employees better. It's something to which we will always be committed."

Until they get their Google issues resolved, JTP is asking everyone to please get the word out that it's still business as usual and if they know anyone looking to learn a sought after trade, to please send them their way. Save their number in your phone under "Plumber-Best Ever" and you'll never have trouble finding them. That number is (661) 823-8031.


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