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Don't Ever Forget Them

Many veterans who signed a blank check to serve their country may not be getting a card for the holidays. Project D.E.F.T. (Don't Ever Forget Them) is designed to make sure that doesn't happen here in California.

For the past fifteen years Lynda Smith and her husband have orchestrated a drive that delivers cards to veterans hospitals and state veterans homes here in our state.

For the past few years Tehachapi has been the only area involved in gathering the cards which the Smiths make sure reach our veterans. At my office we've been involved for the past ten years, and we'll be collecting cards until November 26.

There are some very specific rules that govern the collection and distribution of the cards. There cannot be anything political, nothing religious, keeping in mind we do not know the religious affiliation of any of the card recipients, and no personal information other than your first name. Please no last names and one big item is no glitter. In case the veteran has wounds, glitter would not be something he or she could afford to deal with. The best comment to write in the cards would be something as simple as "Thank you" or "Thank you for your service and sacrifice."

Please keep in mind the envelopes cannot be sealed and there is no need to place a stamp on the front of the card. The cards will be sent in boxes to the individual home to be passed out to the veterans.

We will be collecting cards at Farmers Insurance, 212 West F St., Tehachapi, across the parking lot from Bank of the Sierra. In order to offset postage costs, donations are accepted. Let's make sure our veterans are not ever forgotten.

Marty and his staff at Farmers Insurance can be reached at (661) 822-3737.