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The Super Boss is officially a thing

Tehachapi Natural Market

It's happening, only at Tehachapi Natural Market: A couple of years ago, I went into the store requesting a "super-healthy" smoothie at their juice bar. I was expecting a bitter health-conscious drink that would haunt me all afternoon.

Store owner Teresa Dunlop worked up some of her favorite ingredients into a deeply purple concoction, which she referred to as "The Boss Lady." To my surprise, this smoothie had a fantastic flavor! I began dropping by on a regular basis, asking for "The Boss Lady" but the store employees did not seem familiar with my drink, and may have thought I was referring to Teresa herself. (I got some confused looks.) She continued to make this fabulous mix for me on occasion, and for others.

Well, I've got news, it's caught on. The drink that induces a spring in my step: the Super Boss. It's made with almond milk, banana, pea protein, greens (kale and spinach), blueberries, honey and almond butter.

 Pictured above are Teresa and her super friendly juice baristas and, you know, I think they just might be referring to their boss with this new name.

 Check out Tehachapi Natural Market's ad on this page, featuring a list of their popular smoothies (as well as another brand new flavor) and stop by to try each one at 20221 Valley Blvd. in Old Town Tehachapi.