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Have a Heart needs you!

Have a Heart Humane Society

We have put out many articles about what we do, and we know many of you out there personally. You come into our shop, have adopted pets from us, have brought us little lost foundlings, and, most importantly, have had your family pets spayed and neutered at one of our clinics in the past.

We usually spend at least one paragraph in our articles begging for help, asking for volunteers to spend a bit of their free time to further our cause and to add helping hands to lighten the load.

Due to what has happened in our world the last couple of years, a great deal has changed for non-profit organizations like Have a Heart Humane Society. Over the last several years, we have realized that the biggest need in our county and community is affordable sterilization for our pet population.

We all know it is the right thing to do, but “fixing” our pets has become almost more than the average family can afford.

Many veterinary offices and hospitals have so much to do that spay and neuter clinics just aren’t happening like they used to. As our clinic situation changed, we still knew that providing spay and neuter opportunities to our community was our “calling” and we couldn’t stop making it our driving force.

We have teamed up with the “Snip Bus,” a traveling spay and neuter clinic that goes up and down the state helping to keep down pet overpopulation. Their services are in great demand and they handle all the paperwork and registration. We provide the venue and they provide the surgery. It only costs you $25, and at the end of the day, Have A Heart writes them a check for $7,000.

This is why we work our little store, fundraise our brains out and write as many grants as we can find. We have to keep this up. We are doing it monthly, if not more often.

This brings us back to our usual paragraph which is the begging for more volunteers. We still need you!

We know your lives are busy, but we also know that many of you love animals just as much as we do. We really need to open our shop up for five days a week and for that we need more volunteers. We need help in the store, we need kitty and puppy cuddlers. We really need foster families to provide homes for pets awaiting adoption. We need those of you with any special skills that would improve our outreach and our mission in the community.

We are the only rescue that has taken on pet overpopulation as a focus, and we are making it work, but, again, we need help!

We just had a volunteer meeting and we will have more. We are determined to grow and continue what we do.

Please join us!

Come in to Rescued Treasures and say you’d like to be part of our organization. Ask for Cindy, our Volunteer Coordinator. Every little bit helps us continue this important work!

Rescued Treasures is located at 1121 W. Valley Blvd., Tehachapi. Have a Heart Humane Society can be reached at (661) 822-5683 and found online at http://www.haveahearthumanesociety.org.