By Linda Coverdale
contributing writer 

What's Up in Bear Valley Springs?


August 14, 2021

The community and the continent have been subjected to hotter than normal temperatures, drying the vegetation radically and raising the fire danger.

It’s vital to keep our eyes open and take no unnecessary chances. Most certainly, clearing around our homes reduces the chances for tragedy.

Our Mulligan Room patio is under construction. A smaller patio is nearby, but no food service is offered on that patio. It is mainly available for take out.

It’s back! Line dancing has returned to the Country Club, indoors. As before, it will be held Wednesday nights from 6 to 8 p.m. Come and kick up your boots!

Sunday, July 25 saw a huge crowd at Cub Lake, relaxed and ready to be entertained by our favorite local group, Blonde Mustard. The concert went from 3 to 5 p.m. and was hosted by the BVS Cultural Arts Association.

Belated congratulations to our CSD General Manager, Bill Malinen, for receiving the Certified Special District Manager Designation.

“This is but one instance of BVCSD staff going above and beyond the call of duty. When management exceeds expectations, it inspires those in their charge to do the same,” said District President Greg Hahn. For more information on this item, see the BVS CSD site. And while we are on the CSD, they are looking for volunteers in administration, public safety, finance and infrastructure.

The Snake Guys recently picked up rattlers number 177 and 178. Be careful out there. We thank you, Snake Guys (and ladies)! It’s wonderful that the snakes are protected and preserved, because they are an important part of the balance of nature.

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Stay cool, keep hydrated and watch out for fires ... and snakes.

Bear Valley Springs is a private gated community in which the residents pay an annual association amenities fee. To visit a non-member or non-resident must arrange with a friend or family member in the community for a guest pass that would permit them to engage in the activities. Guest passes will be checked.


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