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Dig a square hole when planting

Mountain Gardens Nursery & Pet

When planting a tree, shrub, perennial, bulb or bedding plant, always dig a square hole. (Everyone calls me a square when I tell them that!) Also, dig a hole about two feet deep or as deep as it takes to break through any decomposed granite (DG) or hard pan soil.

These days, a plant is almost always grown in a round pot. So if you plant it in a round hole, what will happen? Of course, it will grow in the direction of the roots. It is like putting the plant in a bigger round container where it can eventually become root bound in the hole. I can honestly say that I have never lost a tree that I have grown in a square hole and I think the roots are much happier. Take the plant out of the container and gently massage the root ball. The roots are looking for some place to grow. In a square hole with mulch mixed evenly around, the roots will head toward a corner. Once they do, they break up clay or hard soil and become established more quickly and will grow much faster and be very grateful for a long happy life in the ground!

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