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Independence Day weekend statistics

Kern County Fire Department

For 2021, the Kern County Fire Department experienced another year of high call volume during the Independence Day weekend. The community is to be commended for their efforts to reduce the strain on the emergency response system by using the appropriate methods to report use, sales and storage of illegal fireworks. Below is a statistical review of the weekend’s activities.

Calls handled July 4: 2,376 calls to the Emergency Communication Center (down from 2,831 in 2020); 741 calls to the Fireworks Task Force; 929 online reports at http://www.kerncountyfire.org.

Fireworks Task Force July 2 through July 4: 1,198 calls handled; 40 citations issued; 5,000 pounds of fireworks seized (collected by fire stations and arson investigators assisting with KCSO operations).