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Wild Wind Riders

The Wild Wind Riders are an Equestrian Drill Team consisting of young ladies and gentlemen from Tehachapi and the surrounding area that are drawn together by their love of horses and a strong desire to entertain and demonstrate their skilled horsemanship.

Currently, the riders range in age from nine to 19 years old and they have been working together since February to bring smiles to your faces.

The team members and their ages are- Abby Sturn, 19; Hannah Ennis, 18; Mikayla Bever, 16; Jessie Sturn, 15; Arianna Maher, 15; Maisie Wirsing, 13; Malachi Sturn, 11 (our gentleman); and Kayleigh Sturn, nine.

If you would like to become a member of this growing team, contact Team President Abby Sturn or Drill Master Terri Sturn at [email protected] or [email protected].