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All for one, one for all – Building the brand

Grapevine News

Members of Tehachapi Mountains Wine Growers Commission were featured on 23 ABC News Bakersfield to promote National Wine Day, May 25.

The publicity is part of an ongoing effort to build the brand of Tehachapi Mountains. Since achieving the national status of an AVA designation, the commission is focused on promoting the wine industry in Tehachapi. The long sought-after designation was an important initial step. Now the members will work to increase tourism and promote the different varieties of wine grapes that are being grown here. They are strongly committed to the success of Tehachapi as a wine growing region in California.

Members meet once a month to share information, brainstorm and plan for the future. They are also involved with Caltrans to determine the feasibility of installing signage to direct tourists to a wine trail that will guide people to the various vineyards and tasting rooms. The commission is comprised of members from diverse walks of life. Each has a distinctive personal story and brings uniquely different experiences that combine to form a strong alliance. They are working hard to get out the word in the immediate area and also around the state. It's an exciting time for Tehachapi and the growers, and will be a great experience for wine tourists. Spread the word!

Jim Arnold is president of the Tehachapi Wine Growers Commission and owner of Triassic Vineyards.