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The hardwood solution to hardwood flooring issues: UltraWood

Stockdale Tile and Flooring Center

Solid natural hardwoods are a great choice for flooring that come with a long list of benefits. Hardwood flooring, unlike laminate, is a natural material which adds significant value to your home and is considered high end flooring. Hardwood flooring has a classic feel, is easy to clean and is designed to last for many decades. However, it is expensive, doesn't hold up well in moist conditions, can be difficult to maintain and needs to be refinished periodically.

Enter UltraWood by Mohawk. It is a new hardwood domestically produced in Virginia which features the latest in technological innovations: Everlast, WetProtect and EasyClean. These innovations deliver features and benefits such as extreme durability and waterproof protection which make for a very desirable product consumers cannot purchase anywhere other than at a retail establishment featuring Mohawk products.

Stockdale Tile and Flooring Center has purchased their first UltraWood products which are available at all three locations, Bakersfield, Visalia and Tehachapi.

According to Floor Trends Magazine, "UltraWood includes Mohawk's new Everlast hardwood protection system that reinforces its hardwood veneer against scratches, wear and dents. Everlast technology promises four-times greater scratch protection, two-times stronger wear protection and five-times greater dent protection. Therefore, with Everlast hardwood protection, the floor's appearance remains beautiful and is supported by a lifetime wear warranty. UltraWood also utilizes Mohawk's new patented WetProtect technology. WetProtect is the right kind of waterproof because of its innovative protection for the top of the floor and from water leaking through and damaging the subfloor. WetProtect provides the only lifetime surface and subfloor waterproof warranty.

"EasyClean, Mohawk's enhanced lacquer, resists stains and soil buildup within the grain of each UltraWood board and keeps the floor looking its best longer. Along with added durability and reliability from the best of Mohawk technology, UltraWood features four styles with 20 decors of clean, elevated visuals that only natural hardwood can provide. 'Wood décor flooring is the fastest growing category within hard surface,' said Adam Ward, senior product director, wood and laminate. 'It is growing 14 times as fast as tile and stone looks. Consumers want wood, and they prefer natural wood. When you can combine ultimate performance with genuine hardwood – it is a win-win for our retail partners.'

"Additionally, UltraWood is easy to install with Mohawk's Uniclic glueless locking system. With minimal acclimation time, UltraWood can be installed quickly unlike traditional hardwood that requires a longer acclimation time."

Visit one of Stockdale Tile and Flooring Center's stores to view the UltraWood samples and chat with one of the knowledgeable sales representatives about the benefits of this exciting new product. Find our store locations online, http://www.stockdaletile.com.