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Welcoming a kitten

Canine Creek Pet Wash and Boutique

With the spring season comes nicer weather, blossoming flowers and, of course, kittens.

It's kitten season, everyone! This might mean you will be welcoming a new fur baby into your home. Whether you're a first-time kitten owner or an experienced cat enthusiast, you might need a little help getting your new feline settled.

Last spring, I found a little white kitten along the side of the road getting picked at by a crow. Being no more than two weeks old and obviously lacking a momma and family, I picked up the kitten and got him fed, warm and flea-free. This was a big ordeal for me! I had never owned my own cat before. But with lots of help from others, internet research and trial and error, my fur baby is a thriving boy who just turned one.

The first step I would take when welcoming a kitten to your home would be to establish a space they can feel safe. Sectioning off a room, bathroom or kennel might be a great start. This allows the kitten to get comfortable in small increments at a time. Within this space, providing a clean, size-appropriate litter box will help them get accustomed to their new space.

Next, it's important to establish the dietary needs of your kitten. Depending on age, your kitten might need formula, wet food, kibble or a mixture of a few different types. It's important to feed your kitten or cat a nutritious food, no matter their age. Cats that are not on formula will also need fresh water. Stop by Canine Creek and we can help you find what food is right for your baby.

Another step I would take, and this is an important one, is to take your kitten to the vet to get a clean bill of health. Especially when finding kittens on the street, it's important to have a vet ensure they are good to be around children or other pets. This is also a great time to get the kitten vaccinated. The two most recommended vaccines will be a rabies shot and the FVRCP shot.

Finally, it's essential to provide your kitten with lots of love and attention. Getting a variety of different toys to provide ample stimulation and providing places to run, climb and scratch their claws will lead to a healthy and happy pet. New kittens can be a lot to handle, but with patience and lots of love, they will grow up to be a great companion.

If you have any questions about kitten care, kitten supplies or any other pet needs, stop by Canine Creek and we will help in any way we can! Canine Creek is located at 798 Tucker Rd., Ste. 5, Tehachapi. Feel free to call with any questions at (661) 822-0307.