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Tehachapi Community Church Vaccine Project

Saturday, March 13 dawned a little warmer and clearer after wintery weather. Volunteers gathered across from City Hall in Tehachapi to distribute flyers to the doors of many downtown-area residents. These colorful flyers display information about My Turn, the State-sponsored way to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

If you tried yourself several weeks ago to get an appointment for a COVID-19 shot, you know what a hassle it was. Three Tehachapi-area women – Kathy Murguia, Eileen Buterra and Laurie Rude Betts – decided that they needed to assist Tehachapi residents to make appointments. My Turn, the State website for vaccine appointments then came along, which simplified this job. What the women needed to do was to get the word out to the residents of Tehachapi about this easy-to-use site for appointment, either by telephone (833-422-4255) or on the website (myturn. ca.gov).

The effort has been supported by the Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District, which printed the colored flyers; the Farmworkers Institute for Education and Leadership Development (FIELD), some of whose Conservation Corps members distributed the flyers; St. Malachy's St. Vincent de Paul Society, represented by Eileen Buterra and Lupe Murguia; and Tehachapi Community Church (TCC), represented by Kathy and Laurie.

Kathy has organized two occasions for groups to pass out the flyers, one on March 6 and the second on March 13. When Kathy called retired FIELD and United Farm Worker employees and Tehachapi Community Church members, Danny and Nancy Romero, to meet on March 13 to distribute the flyers, they readily agreed. The Romeros were delighted to see a number of others arrive, who represented FIELD They were all there to go door to door in various Tehachapi neighborhoods to distribute the flyers to residents' front doors. The group distributed just short of 2,000 flyers that morning.

Although the Romeros live in Keene, they consider Tehachapi as their city, too, as they have family residing here and do business and attend church here. Danny said that he considers it their civic duty to take part in this effort which will keep people safe from COVID-19. Danny and Nancy were assigned to the homes north of the railroad tracks to the Airport. They covered this in three hours. Danny said they found the job very pleasant in neighborhoods where many of the modest homes showed the pride of the residents.

The Romeros said that, of the few residents who were out and about on this winter Saturday morning, people were appreciative of the information on the flyers. One woman took 25 flyers to pass out to friends and family.

The flyer is designed to be attractive and impart not only the basic information about how to reach My Turn but also to encourage people to take the shot, "Do it for those you love." It is printed in English and Spanish. The flyers have also been distributed to senior housing, businesses, placed on bulletin boards, left anywhere where people gather. If you need information or appointments for the vaccine, contact My Turn.