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Gallery 'N' Gifts March featured artist

Charisse Rudolph, Author Statement:

When I am looking for what I want to paint next I look for a picture that moves me. In most cases, a photo with which I can feel love or a heart connection. I translate that feeling into my paintings. Having horses my entire life and sharing their energy to heal humans who have experienced trauma, my paintings project the silent communication that all animals share.

Sometimes people send me photos and often I request photos from those who have horses and mules in their lives. Other times, I see a photo that moves me and I make a request. I paint what I see, however, I use bright vibrant color to interpret feeling and to make people see the world in a different light. I usually think about the colors I want to use after I see something that speaks to me. I have used bowling balls, leaves turning color during fall, the combination of clothes someone is wearing, etc. One time, I asked a woman if I could take photos of her purple velvet shirt. The way it wrinkled and shimmered was amazing! I used those photos for a painting I call, "Rainbow Warrior."

What I love about my paintings is that the ink on the synthetic paper is much like life. That is, you have a plan, and then you go with the flow and as long as you keep your plan in mind, the thing you want to convey, or do comes out better than you could have imagined. Ink on Yupo paper is like life; it goes into directions you cannot always control. My motto is "Go with the flow."

Since I changed my medium in 2018, the feedback I get inspires me to keep going. My paintings are one of a kind, and unique in every way. People say that my paintings make them smile and bring them joy! I say, "BINGO," because my intent is to have people feel the emotion of co-creating.

Gallery 'N' Gifts is located at 100 W. Tehachapi Blvd. and is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Stop by to see the March featured artist Charisse Rudolph's work.