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By Therese Luther
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A legacy of giving


February 13, 2021

Therese Luther

From left, Christina Scrivner, Misty Cantrell, Tatum Lutge, Lori Marion, Brooke Lutge and Tony Marion.

Tony Marion, owner of Stockdale Tile and Flooring Center, has a long history of charitable and altruistic activities over the many years he has been in business. As his wife, Lori, states, her husband gives to "family, friends and foes." Many of Marion's charitable ventures have taken place in Bakersfield; however, recently he has branched out into Tehachapi, although in the past he has been a sponsor for the Tehachapi Mountain Rodeo. On February 3, he hired P-Dubs Brew Pub to cater the morning and evening shifts of medical personnel at Adventist Health Tehachapi Valley with barbecue featuring tri tip, chicken, salad and macaroni and cheese. Pies were supplied from TehachaPIE at Mill Street Kitchen and drinks from Stockdale Tile.

Christina Scrivner, Director of Philanthropy for the Adventist Health Tehachapi Valley, mentioned that approximately 150 employees were fed during the day shift and another 60 to 70 on the night shift. She stated: "We are so blessed and humbled by the generosity from Stockdale Tile! Our team has been working so hard and for that steadfast courage to be kindly supported by more than 200 amazing meals from P-Dubs was, well, just what the doctor ordered!!! Not only did Stockdale Tile provide the food, but also thanked each and every person day and night shift and braved the cold to hand them all a piece of pie!!"

Among some of Marion's other notable charitable activities are the following. Since 2008, Marion has contributed generously to Going Coconuts for a Cure which was founded to help local cancer patients and their families pay out of pocket expenses that insurances do not cover. These expenses can include assistance with mortgages or rent, household bills, hotel stays, and travel expenses, among others. According to its founder, Erin Furrh, Marion is among the first to donate to all of the non-profit's fundraisers, which include crab feeds and raffles as well as treating four to five families every Christmas to meals, presents, and Christmas trees. For more information on this organization, visit the web page at

In 2010, Marion donated materials and his time to assist the Kern County Builders' Exchange build Hope House. Builders' Exchange partnered with Bakersfield Memorial Hospital to construct a facility to house the families of critically ill adult patients while they were in Memorial Hospital. The facility operates in parallel with the Ronald McDonald house which offers a similar facility for the families of ill children. The Builders' Exchange members contributed both the labor and materials to make this facility a reality. The planning, design, and construction documents required for this project were a pro bono gift from the contractors and their staff to the community.

A couple of times a year Marion provides catered meals to the ER personnel at San Joaquin Community Hospital/Adventist Health and Memorial Hospital. Two of Marion's daughters are nurses in the Emergency Rooms at these two hospitals.

Marion also donates funds and time to the Kern County Sheriff's Activities League and the Bakersfield Police Activities League.

In 2019, Marion donated approximately $30,000 in flooring tile, carpet and quartz countertops to the Bakersfield Wounded Heroes Fund for construction of their new 5,000 square foot building located at 3121 Standard Street. Executive Director Wendy Porter commented that Marion always steps up when the organization is in need.

Therese Luther

AHTV Hospital Personnel.

Marion does not stop at contributing to companies and non-profits but provides for individual situations of need as well. Three or four years ago, veterans from the Marine Corps were fundraising in front of the Gosford Road Walmart when a young man dashed over and stole their donation pot which held approximately $1,500 in donations. With no fanfare, Marion replaced the donation funds. Additionally, on Saturday morning, December 12, 2020, Tina Marie's Cafe was gutted when a devastating fire caused serious damage along much of a downtown city block on Chester Avenue, Bakersfield. Marion donated a significant sum of money to the Cafe's owners on Christmas Eve.

Marion does this all while overseeing the three Stockdale Tile stores, located in Bakersfield, Visalia, and the newest store here in Tehachapi. The local Tehachapi store is run by daughter Brooke Lutge who lives in the greater Tehachapi area. What a great asset to our community, both personally and professionally. Welcome to Tehachapi, Marion family and employees!


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