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Ridgecrest Chamber Music Society concert

Ridgecrest Chamber Music Society

The Ridgecrest Chamber Music Society presented the first concert of their 2020-21 season on Sunday January 31 at 4 p.m. with chamber music performed by Ensemble 4.1. Due to COVID restrictions, this concert was presented in a virtual online format.

Season ticket holders received a link for viewing the concert in the safety and comfort of their own homes. For those who have not purchased season tickets, tickets can be purchased via an online ticket service. This concert recording will be for the exclusive use of the Society through the end of February.

For those who wanted to view the pre-recorded concert in a safe public location with limited seating, two or three screenings in the Ridgecrest Presbyterian Church Sanctuary was available.

The Ridgecrest Chamber Music Society is pleased to announce that the members of Ensemble 4.1 also provided a lovely online opportunity for music students at 10 a.m. February 1. In addition to providing video clips of the performance, the ensemble made a presentation and offered a question and answer time for the students.

In addition to the Ensemble 4.1 concert, the Ridgecrest Chamber Music Society is awaiting final details for an online offering by Midori which will include a recital and live Q & A time with her. Also being explored is the possibility of online concerts from a number of the other performers scheduled for this concert season. To that end, your feedback and any comments you might wish to share are solicited.

The Society is in the process of planning the next concert season. Your level of interest regarding additional online concerts in the event the in-person situation remains the same are also solicited.

It is requested that all inquiries regarding the upcoming presentation be sent to [email protected]