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Christina's sixth annual Pancreatic Cancer Fundraiser

This year’s fundraiser for pancreatic cancer research was once again successful. During a year filled with challenges that our country and people have faced, we were amazed at the continuing generosity of the people and businesses of our community. We received donations in memory of Harriet Clendenin who passed away this year from this horrible disease. We also remember Alex Trebek and many others who have died from pancreatic cancer.

Major Jason E. George VFW and the City of Tehachapi were honored for their efforts in raising money for pancreatic cancer research in the national VFW magazine. Thanks to the article, we have received donations from across our great country.

Together we have raised the astonishing amount of $14,336 this year. To ensure that the VFW has been able to donate 100 percent of the proceeds collected to PanCan, Christina’s parents have paid the expenses for all the fundraisers.

Major Jason E. George VFW has issued a check to Pancreatic Cancer Action Network for pancreatic cancer research in the amount of $14,336. This amount brings our total to $118,035 over the last six years. Congratulations and thank you to our town of Tehachapi for WAGING HOPE for a cure.

The members of Major Jason E. George VFW wish you a very healthy and Happy 2021.