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To make a New Year's Resolution or to not make a New Year's Resolution?

Canine Creek Pet Wash and Boutique


January 2, 2021

To make a New Year’s Resolution or to not make a New Year’s Resolution? In years past I usually come up with some interesting way to tackle the new year. There are always the standards: exercise more, eat healthier, read a book, and do not forget the travel. But, with 2021 being a bit up in the air on what sort of year it will be, it is definitely more difficult to plan ahead for sure.

However, some of these basic “resolutions” can still benefit you and what if you were to include your pup or kitty in those decisions too?

More exercise – not a bad idea for everyone. We have a lot of great harness options for your pup’s and your kitty’s comfort to help them get into shape in no time. We even have an awesome selection of boots and jackets if you want to be daring and keep up your new regime even when we get snow!

(Or some really cold windy winter weather!)

How about that new healthy diet? You know you feel better when you eat nutritious foods. Well, so does your pet. There is still that misconception that eating healthy must cost more. Not necessarily. A lot of our customers have heard how my dogs were eating a less than healthy food when I moved up to Tehachapi. The marketing was great on the bag and the dog looked happy so it must be good for them. I mean, it even had colorful vegetables falling from the sky! Although the marketing was fabulous, the nutritional value not so much. I was buying two large bags a month which was actually costing much more than one bag of Nutri Source. And let me tell you, without all the fillers my dogs (and cat) were more satisfied. I know they felt better and a huge bonus was that the “clean up” in the backyard (and litter box) was considerably less.

Travel - If you take your pups around town in the car with you, as fun as it is to have them sit on our laps, it really is not very safe for them. We have some wonderful ways to help make sure they enjoy the ride, but can not go flying out the window if you have to suddenly hit your brakes. We have a wide variety of seatbelts, harnesses, crates and carriers.

As for the reading of the book…. I’m sorry to say – that one, you are on your own.

We are happy to chat with you about your pet’s apparel, diet and travel needs. If you are thinking of changing foods, we have plenty of samples, or if you purchase a food and your pet is unhappy with it, you are always welcome to return it. Stop in and see why we are more than a petwash! Happy New Year!

Canine Creek is located at 798 Tucker Rd., Ste. 5, Tehachapi. Feel free to call the store with any questions you may have at (661) 822-0307.


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