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By Phyllis Belcher
contributing writer 

Aging is topic for AAUW

AAUW of Tehachapi


December 19, 2020

“You are never too old to grow a new dream.” This was the message Dr. Marilyn Schlitz delivered to members of the American Association of University Women when she spoke at the group’s December meeting via Zoom.

Schlitz is a highly respected social scientist, award-winning author and charismatic speaker. Her work has been featured in scientific journals as well as radio, newspapers, magazines, television and feature films. She has taught at Stanford, Harvard and Trinity University. She is currently chair of the doctorate program in Transpersonal Psychology at Sofia University.

The topic of her speech was “Aging Gratefully.” She pointed out there are now more senior citizens than children in the United States. This growing group can benefit by following a few recommendations. After retirement, steps can be taken to live healthy, meaningful and active lives. She urged seniors to shift their attention to the third act of their life and create new habits. It is a time to create new purpose and meaning so one may age, not only gratefully, but gracefully too.

One of the 2020 goals of the Tehachapi Mountain Branch is to reach out to women’s needs. The topic about aging was one step toward this goal. Aging gratefully advances the AAUW theme: Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Brilliant.

AAUW Branch President Joan Cote recorded the Zoom session and will post it online at


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