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Meet Your New Neighbors

Hilltop Welcoming Service

It was about three weeks ago that Tyler and Ivette Farrell moved into their new mountain top home. The couple had lived in Lancaster for over 22 years and had raised their three children there. Their youngest son, Tyler Jr. graduated from high school this year so it was an ideal time to leave the Antelope Valley.

Tyler, a financial adviser with JP Morgan Stanley in Lancaster and Saugus, suggested Tehachapi and so the search began. Ivette retired from her position as director of a pregnancy center in the Antelope Valley before the move. Their new home has a sweeping view of the San Joaquin Valley and they look forward to making it their own.

Tyler was born and raised in the Antelope Valley. Ivette was born in Mexico but came to California at the age of 5 and her family settled in Santa Clarita. She met Tyler after high school when they were both working in food service at Magic Mountain.

Ivette said Tyler loves animals and likes to go hiking. He comes from a family that is crazy about off-roading. She added that she, Tyler and their kids are also very active. As a family they often go snow skiing, scuba diving or kayaking. Ivette's hobby is photography. She had a commercial studio in the Antelope Valley which she gave up when they moved. She is now taking up DIY projects and sewing.

Their oldest son Richard is a marine based in San Diego where he and his wife live. Their daughter Leah is a preschool teacher and studying for a medical career at Antelope Valley College. Their two dogs, a German Shepherd named Dakota and a black Lab named Trinity, will be joining them when their yard is fenced.

The living room of their new home is decorated with a gorgeous two story Christmas tree. Ivette said that Tyler loves Christmas decorations and plans to add a train at the base of the towering tree. It will be the perfect place for a family Christmas.

A big "Welcome to Tehachapi" to Ivette and Tyler.


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