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By Pat Doody
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Decor has found a home in Tehachapi


December 19, 2020

Pat Doody

Shawn Bineau and Gina Dumania of Deco Du Jour.

Tired of the hectic pace of Los Angeles, Gina Dumania and Shawn Bineau moved to Tehachapi in January 2020. They knew of the small town feel and friendly atmosphere of Tehachapi since both of them have family living here. Gina saw the need for something different in a furniture store, something she was very familiar with as she and a partner had a shop in Downtown LA for nearly nine years that bought and sold new and near-new furniture and décor used for staging in film production. Why not something like that in Tehachapi?

Finding a space was their first challenge. It was Tehachapi Economic Development Coordinator Corey Costelloe who suggested they look at the old Blockbuster Video Store located in Tehachapi Town Center near Save Mart. It was a nightmare. "Nothing had been changed," said Gina, "It still had all the shelves and it was all blue and yellow."

But it was 4,440 square feet and perfect for a furniture showroom so she and Shawn went to work. Deco du Jour is an amazing display of a combination of ultra modern and period pieces with something for every taste. Much of their current displays are from film productions. Gina said some of the pieces even have stickers showing in what show they appeared. "We have a mirror from the show 'Sorry for Your Loss'," said Gina.

From the moment you enter their store, whether you are looking for a specific piece of furniture or want to fill an entire living room, dining room or bedroom, there are displays that make you say, "I want that."

Their chandeliers and lighting pieces all come from Originals 22, a 40-year-old manufacturer known for their craftsmanship and attention to design and detail. Beautiful distressed wood pieces like the above credenza displayed at the store's entrance were created locally by Dorothy Dumania, Gina's mother.

Gina said that after their initial stock is gone, she and Shawn want to add more high-end furniture and decor including an expanded collection of art and rugs.

"We want to thank the whole community. Everyone seems to be happy we're here and we're happy, too."

Stop by Deco du Jour and see their amazing displays or check out their webpage at


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