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Holidays past, present and future at Canine Creek

Canine Creek Pet Wash and Boutique

As we move into December most of us have already started preparing for the holidays. In retail, we think about this months in advance. Along with the holiday preparations, I always find myself reverting back to December 2016. Any day I could get the word that it was official, that I would be moving to Tehachapi and starting the crazy new endeavor of owning a business. People ask me all the time what made me take this crazy leap of faith? To which I answer, “I have no idea!”

It was definitely a process, but once the ball started rolling, everything weirdly fell into place. After jumping through some last minute hoops, I closed escrow December 22, and I have never looked back. After we closed, the real craziness started. While trying to figure out what the heck I was doing, I realized the best part was getting to meet all the customers that would walk in the store. This is honestly the best job I could ever have asked for. The people that my team get to chat with on a daily basis are amazing. We are so incredibly grateful to Tehachapi and our awesome customers.

The store has certainly grown in the last four years, and we want you to know that nothing would be possible without every person who walks through our doors. We know that we all have a choice where to shop, and we always want to work hard to bring our customers the best deals on the quality products they have come to know.

We recently signed up for a program called Astro Loyalty. It allows us to offer promos that you will not find online or in big box stores. We invite you to take a look at the Astro Loyalty app. It will show you our current sales and how close you are to getting your free bag on the frequent buyer program. If you prefer not to use the app, follow us on social media where we post the updated numbers, or just come on in and we are happy to tell you what they are.

In addition to our everyday awesome products, we have some super fun holiday gifts for your pet-loving friends and stocking stuffers for your pups and kitties. The best part of our job is still interacting with our customers. Come on in and mention this article and we will give you a free bag of Nutri Source treats for your pup!

All of us here at Canine Creek wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday Season, and we hope to see you soon!

Canine Creek is located at 798 Tucker Rd., Ste. 5, Tehachapi. Feel free to call the store with any questions you may have at (661) 822-0307.