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They are what they eat

Canine Creek Pet Wash and Boutique

“My dog itches all the time. What can I do?” We hear that question quite often at Canine Creek. It is true, there are times it could be environmental. It can be dry and dusty here in Tehachapi. We have weeds from the spring which are dying out and can become itchy and scratchy on your pet’s feet and coat. But, did you know it could be the food you are feeding them? Let me tell you about my Labrador, Kleo.

When we brought Kleo home we were living in Orange County. I knew nothing about a dog’s need for good nutrition. My thoughts were, if they are selling that bag at the store, it must be just fine. I was feeding Beneful. The dog looked happy on the front of the bag. Vegetables were falling from the sky, and inside the kibble was so colorful, it must taste good. Kleo was always thrilled to gobble down her bowl of rainbow kibble, but this dog itched. Not just occasionally, I mean all the time. Rolling on her back trying to scratch, even rubbing her body along our railing in the yard to relieved the constant itching. Not only did she pull half of her fur out by her tail, but she wore a path of dirt along that railing! I would take her to our vet and all he ever gave us was prednisone. It would work for a while, but then the itching would start again. Not once did anyone ever ask me, “What food are you feeding her?”

I moved to Tehachapi and started learning that, just like us, what dogs eat is important, too. I changed my dogs and cat to NutriSource. I am telling you, in all honesty, Kleo stopped itching almost immediately. Her fur looked fluffier and shinier, her eyes clearer but that poor dog finally had some relief. I felt like a horrible dog parent, 9 years that poor dog itched. But when you don’t know, you don’t know. She is happy and healthy and plugging along now at 12 ½ years old!

Does this sound like something your dog is experiencing? Come in and we would love to chat with you. We have many samples for most of our foods in the store. Take them home and see what your “Kleo” thinks. One misconception is that our food is expensive. It is true, a bag of NutriSource costs more than a bag of Beneful. However, you feed less the more nutritious the food. I went through two bags of Beneful a month where as now one bag is enough, which is actually less money overall, and most of our foods have a frequent buyer program, too. And the clean up in the yard is much easier; there is less to clean up!

Canine Creek is located at 798 Tucker Rd., Ste. 5., Tehachapi. Feel free to call the store with any questions you may have at (661) 822-0307. We are always happy to assist.