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Testimonial for Always Ready Construction


September 12, 2020

My husband and I are the happy owners of a home in West Golden Hills. We purchased the property in March 2020. While the house was in great shape, the .6 acre backyard was largely unfinished. The house has a pool, but the pool deck area needed a lot of work to make it functional and beautiful – including removing an old sun room and old wrought iron fencing. We had some ideas on what we would like to do with the property, in particular wanting to open up the view out of the back of the house (which was largely blocked by the sunroom and fencing).

I was fortunate enough to meet Jeff Thornses of Always Ready Construction. After walking the property with Jeff and explaining what we liked and did not like about the house and the yard, Jeff immediately recognized the potential for improvement. Jeff took our ideas and complaints and turned them into a real plan, with beautiful concept drawings and an approach to bring our vision to reality. Jeff has masterfully handled subcontractors for specific tasks, such as engineering plans, concrete, fencing and walls. Jeff works hard, doing much of the work himself, and he has an amazing eye for detail and aesthetics. The property had an existing pergola that was oddly placed in a planter – it was well built but unfinished and served no purpose over a bed of plants. We had the idea to turn that pergola into a covered barbeque area, and Jeff made it happen with a lovely custom rock wall, a cement foundation under the existing pergola, finishing the pergola with additional wood and shade, and then adding a custom redwood prep table adjacent to the table that is as beautiful as it is functional. With just a phone call and an idea, Jeff made the barbeque area and prep table a reality.

I cannot say enough about Jeff’s responsiveness and attention to detail. He moves the project along on all fronts, and never seems overwhelmed. Even though he has other projects going, he is always available to discuss ideas or to walk the property to review the status. I can reach out to him whenever I have questions or concerns and he is impressively responsive. As we are nearing the end of this project and it is coming together so beautifully, I am grateful for Jeff’s design input, his diligence and expertise in completing each phase of the project. I am confident that in the end we will have a backyard that far exceeds our original hopes for the property. I would recommend Jeff and Always Ready Construction for any project, big or small, indoor or outdoor – he will get it done right.

Sue Muncey, Paralegal

Irvine, California

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