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Mayor signs AVA letter of support

City of Tehachapi

On Wednesday, July 22, Tehachapi Mayor Susan Wiggins signed a letter of support from the city council for the Tehachapi Wine Grower's Association and the Greater Tehachapi Economic Development Councils request to become an American Viticultural Area (AVA) known as the "Tehachapi Mountains."

Currently local Tehachapi wine producers must use the designation of produced in California due to the lack of an AVA acknowledgement as a wine production area. The AVA designation of "Tehachapi Mountains" would allow the local Tehachapi wine producers to place "Tehachapi Mountains" on their labels joining other well-known California wine communities such as Paso Robles, Napa Valley and Santa Barbara.

"It's a wonderful thing we can do to support our wine commission. I am so pleased and proud of their hard work. It has taken several years of dedication for this to move forward and I just think it is a great thing," said Wiggins.

The Tehachapi Wine Grower's Commission has grown greatly over the past years, featuring several wineries and vineyards throughout the region.

"There is so much to celebrate about Tehachapi and our entire mountain region. This designation elevates our community and uniquely defines our growing and treasured wine industry," said Christina Scrivner, Tehachapi City Council.

The AVA designation would be granted by the federal agency Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.