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TADA offers scholarships, support to students and streams their first virtual musical

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Hello fellow thespians, artisans and parents. Boy we are going through some trying times, to say the least. But, as always, the show must go on, and I am excited to announce our plans to help bring a little joy to your child’s life.

Free virtual musical available now

“The Show Must Go Online!” is a free show, created by our Theatre Creator Kids, that you can watch from home. The show requires registration to view. Please check it out to see just how much fun we are still having, even while distant. The registration link is on our website, http://www.tadaactingstudio.com. You can enroll online, too!

You may recall that last summer when one of the charter schools closed, I told my students to stay enrolled with or without funding as it was not their fault. Well, the current climate of our nation’s health is not their fault either. Many parents are still out of work or have not yet caught up. Many of their favorite activities are either cancelled or have gone remote. Including ours.

So my offer is a free weekly class for the fall semester! Classes include: Acting, Singing for Musical Theatre, Magic, Drama for Little Ones, Improv and our Theatre Creators ONLINE who will appear in our next Virtual Musical “Super Happy Awesome News!”

My school went 100 percent remote about a week before we were told to shut down due to COVID-19. I know it sounds daunting or maybe even boring to some kids. But I guarantee you that our “Engaging GoogleZoomRoom” classes are just that ... engaging! My teaching artists and I have worked diligently to refine the syllabus for each class to keep classes engaging using Google Classroom and Zoom. But do not just take my word for it. Visit our website and you will see a video testimonial on the subject from our actual teen students. For those who are just “zoomed out” I will also be offering pre-recorded, self-paced modules for the entire fall semester and beyond, via our new teachable site for TADA.

“Covid-19 Rebound Scholarship” plan

Anyone who is in the position to donate, please do. You can help me put a smile on a student’s face. Visit http://www.tadaactingstudio.com to make a donation. All fall class prices have also been reduced to $55 a month for your weekly class. Every single one. That includes private coaching options (normally $65 an hour).

Any charter school student: please continue to use your monthly funds with us for your first class as you will literally keep us in business. But your second weekly class is free for all of the fall semester.

Our Self-Paced Modules will be rolled out at $65 per class for the whole semester. Or $55 a month for every single one offered. Those will include Acting A-Z, Mastering the Language of Shakespeare, Voice Overs and Stage Make-Up.

Your scholarship offer is good toward any option above that suits you.

Thank you, Tehachapi, for continuing to support our little school. Oh, and one last thing, we have moved to a new, bigger location at 20406 Brian Way Studio C.