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City of Tehachapi PSPS and College Education

City of Tehachapi


June 20, 2020

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Greg Garrett (Tehachapi City Manager), Corey Costelloe (Economic Development Coordinator) and Key Budge (Community Engagement Specialist).

The City of Tehachapi released two new TehachaPod podcasts this week covering the upcoming Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) season and the Dual Enrollment college credit program for upcoming high school students who can get free college credit beginning as a HS freshman in Tehachapi.

Episode 20, released on June 9, features Cerro Coso College's Lisa Stephens and Kristin Hanle who explain the Dual Enrollment Program for high school students in the Tehachapi area. They talk about how they have had high school students complete their AA degree while in high school free of charge. Cerro Coso College has grown in Eastern Kern County with campuses on Edwards Air Force Base and at Lake Isabella to go along with their Tehachapi and Ridgecrest campuses. Visit http://www.CerroCoso.EDU for more information.

Episode 21, released on June 11, features Southern California Edison's Cal Rossi, a government relations manager who talks about the upcoming PSPS potential events and what SCE has done to improve their infrastructure. The podcast covers the past problems occurring from the fall of 2019, the February Town Hall hosted by Sen. Shannon Grove and the Tehachapi community's voice. Rossi says they listened and have made efforts to improve and lessen the impact on the outlying residents of the Tehachapi area. Rossi urges customers within the community to sign up for alerts and to look at their rebate programs for rural areas. Visit for more information.

TehachaPod is available on all podcasting platforms free of charge and is the official podcast for the City of Tehachapi. TehachaPod features Greg Garrett (City Manager), Corey Costelloe (Economic Development Coordinator) and Key Budge (Community Engagement Specialist) as the hosts. Find a link on our website at


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