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Gallery 'N' Gifts July featured artist is photographer Todd Sherwood


June 20, 2020

Photo provided

Todd Sherwood

Todd says this to describe himself and his photography:

You'll likely find Artist Todd Sherwood with his wife Kelly wandering "the roads less traveled" somewhere in America. Their base camp is a pick-up truck and fifth wheel they named "No Destination" They explore the American back country with the aid of a 4x4 Razor, affectionately called 'The Punisher' and often hike into remote locations in search of images. While developing his artistic talents, Todd has also committed the past 40 years of his life to our nations defense. He enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1984 as an avionics technician and is currently working as an aerospace engineer for Northrop Grumman Corporation. His plans are to retire next year and spend the rest of his "career" capturing and sharing the true beauty, heart and soul of America with his unique works of art.

Although their travels may be aimless, they are by no means pointless. Even a hundred miles from the nearest paved road they have a definite goal in mind. Finding and capturing the beauty of ancient native campsites: ranching, farming and mining ruins, as well as wildlife and landscapes rarely seen by most professional photographers. When back in civilization, Todd and Kelly explore roadside mom and pop stores and antique shops across the country, looking for unique items that will create beautiful works of art once paired with his stunning images.

Todd works nights at Northrop Grumman and spends mornings in his studio developing and printing his own images on fine art quality canvas. He cuts and builds his own stretcher bars from kiln dried pine and stretches the canvas prints himself. Todd creates original frames by building them from scratch or takes the Americana items found and rescues, repurposes or restores them as his imagination leads him. He then brings his unique frames and gorgeous images together for new life as a treasured work of art to be passed from generation to generation.

Todd's images have received top local awards as well as BEST OF SHOW two times at the Tehachapi Valley Art Association semi-annual photo contest.

Stop by and see Todd's amazing portraits at Gallery 'N' Gifts, 100 W. Tehachapi Blvd. July 1 - 28.


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