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Protest activity in Tehachapi

Tehachapi Police Department


June 6, 2020

The Tehachapi Police Department has received numerous reports regarding protests in the Tehachapi Area and continue to investigate threats of rioters and looters coming to the Tehachapi Area. With that, numerous citizens and business owners have inquired as to what measures they should take to secure their property.

The Tehachapi Police Department HAS NOT requested the assistance of armed citizens in response to these protests and would ask that private citizens refrain from engaging in “police activity” or from interfering with police efforts to monitor, manage or disperse any type of protest activity.

As a reminder, any official communication from the Tehachapi Police Department will be released in a press release from the Chief of Police. Please keep this in mind when interacting on social media platforms, and post or share only reliable information from the official source.

Be reminded that peaceful assemblies and free speech are a protected right under the United States Constitution; however, civil disobedience and rioting are criminal behavior and participants are subject to arrest. It is the priority of the Tehachapi Police Department to preserve public peace, protect life and prevent the destruction of property while recognizing the constitutional right of people to peaceably assemble and speak freely.

Our Department has taken the necessary precautions with our local law enforcement partners to prepare for any unusual activity. Patrol units will be in the field in full force and the safety of our City remains our top priority.

We will continue to receive and thoroughly investigate any threats of rioters or looters; however, at this time, nothing has been determined to be credible and these reports have been determined to be unsubstantiated rumors only. Anyone with information relating to the potential for criminal activity is asked to call the Tehachapi Police Department.


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