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From snout to paws, protect your pup this summer

Canine Creek Pet Wash & Boutique

Though the weather continues to bounce back and forth between spring and winter temperatures, it's time to start gearing up for hot months.

We all know we should put on sunscreen before time spent outdoors, dress for the weather and hydrate when temps soar. But what about your pup? There are many products available to keep them safe and comfortable in the summer sunshine, and Canine Creek has you covered.

Our shoe-protected feet may never realize it, but on hot days concrete and cement walkways can become very hot. They could even burn unprotected puppy paws. Canine Creek carries a variety of dog shoes and socks that can block the elements and keep your pet safe. RuffWear Summit Trex boots are a heavy duty option that provide protection from extreme temperatures and abrasive surfaces. For a smaller, lighter option, Protex PawZ offers small rubber dog boots that protect in the snow and the heat.

Dogs naturally pant when they are hot or excited. But extreme panting could mean they are far too overheated. Make sure to bring water for your dog when playing outside or taking walks. Canine Creek carries collapsible silicone travel bowls from Bamboo Home that can easily fit in a backpack. Simply pop it open, fill with water and your pup is good to go.

Wear sunscreen! Dog skin is pretty well protected from sun rays, but their little noses are a different story. So before you head out for play in the sun, pick up an Organic Snoutstick from Canine Creek. It is about the size of chapstick and protects, heals and has UV protection.

When living in the mountains, it's not just the elements we need to be mindful of when temperatures rise. It's also the critters. Snakes, even venomous ones like the rattlesnakes found in our mountains, are an important part of our ecosystem. While rattlesnakes won't seek us out, in fact they tend to avoid humans, they will strike when provoked. And if startled on a walking trail or in your yard, your pup could be the victim of a nasty bite.

Natural Solutions recently held rattlesnake aversion training at Meadowbrook Park. If you missed this training or are interested in more information, visit their website at http://www.socalrattlesnakeavoidancetraining.com. For some more helpful information, you can check out Jon Hammond's column about snakes on page 14.

The staff at Canine Creek is happy to help you find the products you need for a happy and playful summer.

For more information about Canine Creek Pet Wash & Boutique, call (661) 822-0307, or come in and say hi at 798 Tucker Rd., Ste. 5 in Tehachapi.