By Christopher Rush
Tehachapi PCT Angel Committee Co-Chair 

Local Pacific Crest Trail Angel activity curtailed


April 25, 2020

Our local Tehachapi Pacific Crest Trail Angel Committee has decided to delay the posting of this year’s Trail Angel listings. In addition, the group will temporarily halt all “committee sponsored” hiker assistance activities. This is in light of the orders and guidance provided by Governor Gavin Newsom to stay at home, and by the urgent recommendations of the Pacific Crest Trail Association for PCT hikers not to proceed with on-going or planned hikes of the PCT. Following these orders and recommendations will hopefully help ensure the health and safety of PCT hikers, PCT Angels and the Tehachapi Community at large. The Committee will re-evaluate this decision when the State of California has determined that the danger of community transmission of COVID-19 has been minimized in the state. In line with this, the City of Tehachapi has informed the Committee that Aviator Park will be closed to camping by PCT hikers for the season.


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