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Natural Market partners with Modern Grub

COVID-19 is posing a huge challenge for all of us, and Tehachapi Natural Market isn't immune to all the changes and restrictions. They had recently opened up a portion of the store for in-store dining along with a new breakfast and lunch menu. Homeschool parents were meeting their resource teachers in the dining area, friends were meeting for lunch and several regulars enjoyed sitting in the rocking chairs by the electric fireplace while they waited for their juice or smoothie.

The seating area was the brain-child of market co-owner, Sarah Rose.

"It really broke my heart when Teresa (other co-owner) called and told me that we needed to close the seating area. The whole vision of having in-store seating and creating a welcome place to stay, eat and visit was my baby. But, as they say, when one door closes another one opens and in this case, the new door was a partnership with a Bakersfield company called Modern Grub," Rose said.

Teresa first heard about Modern Grub when a customer, who is also an employee at the prison, mentioned that it would be great if the market could partner up with the Bakersfield company so she could pick up her meals in Tehachapi instead of having to get them in the valley. Intrigued, Teresa looked them up and liked what she saw.

"They prepare ready-to go, high quality meals in BPA free microwaveable containers," she explained. "They do not add salt, sugar or preservatives and they focus on creating unique Gluten-free and Dairy-free meals without chemicals. Basically, they make what we would make if we had the kitchen space."

Sarah contacted Modern Grub owner, Chelsey Hall, and after a few weeks of back and forth emails it looks like Tehachapi Natural Market is going to be an outlet location for Modern Grub meals.

"This couldn't have come at a better time," Sarah stated enthusiastically. "If folks aren't cooking at home, they're doing take-out. While we do have amazing soups and salads, we recognize that people want more options for lunch and dinner. Quality prepped meals are the answer!"

Modern Grub features a 4-week rotating menu of meals, as well as everyday items and a dessert menu. Customers can place their order directly thru Modern Grub and then pick them up at the market once a week or they can purchase from what the market will have in their refrigerator case. You can check out their offerings at http://www.EatModernGrub.com.

This is a big step into unknown territory for the market but Teresa and Sarah are confident that this will be a hit with their customers. Who wouldn't want high quality, ready to go meals planned out by a registered dietician for about the same price as a super-sized fast food meal? If ever there was a time where eating healthy was a priority, that time is now and Tehachapi Natural Market is here to help you in that goal.

Tehachapi Natural Market is located at 20221 W. Valley Blvd., in Old Town Tehachapi.