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By Nick Smirnoff

'Curbside' Communion Service

The Loop's Local Scene


April 11, 2020

Nick Smirnoff (NPPA)

Pastor Nancy Bacon held a "curbside" style Communion Service on Palm Sunday outside of the Sanctuary of the Tehachapi Community Congregational Church. As the faithful remained in their parked cars on the street in full view of Pastor Bacon as she gave the service. By utilizing her cell phone in conference call mode, attendees could use their phones to hear her message. Church members were asked ahead of time to bring their own sacramental "bread and drink" from home in order to fully participate. She is shown with bread and drink as she gives Communion.

Nick Smirnoff (NPPA)

After receiving their palm branches the worshipers formed a caravan of cars, led by Pastor Bacon. The faithful holding high their palms, in a symbolic gesture to Jesus and his friends leading a palm procession into Jerusalem. They then drove from the church through downtown Tehachapi. Upon returning to the church they parked in their cars in front of the church where Pastor Nancy held Communion as everyone remained in their cars.


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