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Country Oaks Baptist Church copes with COVID-19

As Pastor Nathan Hiner of Country Oaks Baptist Church writes, “We as a church body have found ourselves in uncharted territory concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.” He calls upon his congregation to have faith, live wisely, live in submission to governing authorities as long as the State is not requiring citizens to do something God has forbidden or is forbidding something God has commanded, and consider greater opportunities to minister in the community.

In compliance with the Governor’s orders, the Country Oaks Baptist Church office and campus are physically closed but operating remotely. Telephone calls are forwarded to office staff who will answer any questions and concerns. Church staff can be contacted by email at [email protected]. Bible study and other small group ministries are encouraged to meet virtually via video chats. The pastors are working remotely from home and are doing a fantastic job of posting devotionals online on the Church’s Facebook page. Pastors Hiner and Bauer said, “During this time of social distancing we want to provide you with resources to stay connected to COBC and to the Lord. As part of that, we will be putting out several devotional videos each week.”

For further information call (661) 822-1379 or visit the COBC website at http://www.countryoaks.org.