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By Nancy Bacon

World Water Day and birthing kits

From the Pastor's Desk


March 14, 2020

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Whitney Bacon and Katy Rodriguez of Bakersfield working with Aid Africa and villagers near Gulu, Uganda to drill a fresh water well in 2019.

Greetings! March 22 is World Water Day. It's a day to be grateful for fresh, clean, water ... a necessity for life. It's also a day to consider how to best make sure that all people for generations to come can have access to this essential element. Organizations around the world will be promoting ways that we can help others gain access to reliable water sources.

When I was in Uganda last summer, I got to witness a new well being dug for a village of people. When we arrived, the children had all lined up to welcome us. They were so excited. Unfortunately, many were ill with parasites from the nasty water they had been drinking. I wish we could have had a magic wand and all the meds necessary. Yet, sickness could not damper their spirits. The children and the women loudly showed their joy as we gave each other high-fives and the men dug the deep hole, with the help of equipment from Aid Africa, Inc. Most Americans are wise to be careful drinking water in developing countries, but the new wells we dug in Uganda are perfectly safe and tasting the fresh water was delightful! If you'd like to be part of helping others to have clean safe water, you can visit or contact me at Tehachapi Community Church (661) 822-4443. Each good well costs about $1,500. You can get your name on one if you like!

Aid Africa has another annual fundraiser that my church also participates with the end of March. We put together birthing kits. Folks from the church knit or crochet baby hats, as low birth weight infants need some warmth to survive. Besides these lovely baby hats, the kits have the bare necessities for a woman to have a clean birth in her hut - items like alcohol wipes, soap, a clean razor to cut the cord, plastic sheets to lie on and midwife instructions. Each kit costs $10 and saves two lives. We gather with other volunteers and together make an assembly line to put together hundreds of birthing kits. Sometimes we make donations to fund the kits in our own mother's names and let them know on Mother's Day. If you'd like to participate or learn more, check out or call me at the church (661) 822-4443.


Pastor Nancy

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