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Clean vehicle tips

Simple Answers from Protech Auto Service


March 14, 2020

Most people are keeping vehicles for longer than ever before because they are made to be more durable and reliable now. When we stay on top of our vehicle’s routine maintenance needs, we feel good knowing that everything under the hood is running smoothly. And it’s a great feeling when we are free from a hefty monthly car payment!

Although we may take diligent care of the internal systems in our older vehicles, we sometimes forget to provide as much care to the exterior and cabin as well. Bird droppings, road grime and bug guts on the windshield or paneling, and in some areas acid rain, can all take a toll on a vehicle’s finish.

A regular car wash will protect the paint job from damage that can leave it looking old before its time. If you wash your vehicle yourself, be sure to use an automotive detergent. Don’t use dish soap. Although it does a good job of cleaning, it also strips out important oils from your paint, leaving it unprotected. Make sure you’re also occasionally applying a good quality wax to help protect your finish from the elements.

We all love the experience of climbing into a vehicle with a “new car smell”! Unfortunately, this lovely aroma dissipates after a while. It’s as consistent as gravity. That’s why quickly removing trash and food, along with regular vacuuming and cleaning, will keep carpets and upholstery looking and smelling fresh.

Keeping your vehicle clean inside and out increases its resale value. Preserving your paint and interior are indicators that your vehicle has been well cared for – something that is on the mind of every used car buyer.

Here are some quick tips:

Replacing your cabin air filter as needed will help prevent smelly mold and mildew in the ventilation system.

After a few years, your headlight lenses will become cloudy. Have them restored so they have that “like new” clarity. Cloudy headlights pose a danger. In new research done by AAA, it was found that drivers who had been driving with cloudy headlights produced 80 percent less light than if the headlight was new or restored. Cloudy headlights are caused over time by sunlight.

Keep all of your maintenance records. Of course, the records are only valuable if you are actually keeping up on your scheduled maintenance.

Taking care of your vehicle mechanically and visually will reduce your overall cost of ownership and will pay big dividends when the time comes to sell or trade in your vehicle.

Ask your Protech Auto Service service adviser if there are any maintenance items due. And when it’s time to sell “Old Faithful,” consider having us perform a Used Vehicle Inspection to identify any items that might hurt resale value so you can take care of them.

Stop by Protech Auto Service at 410 W. J. St., Ste. G. in Tehachapi or give us a call at (661) 822-1100.


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