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By Jon Hammond
Land of Four Season 

Firefighting on Bear Mountain in July, 1908

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February 15, 2020

Jon Hammond

A fire at Bear Mountain destroyed much feed and valuable timber. The fire started near Sycamore last Saturday and was not under control until late Tuesday afternoon. Many sections of dry feed on the west side of Bear Mountain were destroyed, the loss falling almost entirely on F. W. Fickert. The fire fighters experienced many hardships during their three strenuous days and nights on the mountain, often without food or water for many hours at a time and sometimes surrounded by the roaring, crackling flames. It was found very difficult to keep the men supplied especially with water.

But it was all forgotten Tuesday evening when they congregated at the F. W. Fickert home and were amply served by Mrs. Fickert and her daughters with an especially prepared dinner, and regaled with the many steins of refreshing beer drawn from the six kegs that Mr. Fickert had ordered from Tehachapi for the occasion.

– Charles Heath


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