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Have A Heart Humane Society scholarships


February 15, 2020

As the second semester gets underway at the high school here in Tehachapi, members of the senior class who are going to seek higher education are looking for scholarship possibilities. There are many generous clubs and organizations in our community who put forth monetary gifts for students who have excelled in their academics and they are happy to see these students apply and compete for the funding.

We at Have a Heart Humane Society offer two scholarships to graduating seniors. They are each worth $1,000, and require an essay and a minimum of eight hours of volunteer time with our organization. Have A Heart was founded by Chelley Kitzmiller, who was a published author and animal lover, therefore the prompts of one scholarship essay will deal with creative writing, and the other will have prompts that deal with knowledge of animal care, upkeep and humane efforts in the community.

For senior students who are interested in trying for either of our scholarships, please come into Rescued Treasures 1121 W Valley Blvd, Tehachapi (next door to Radio Shack) and sign up to do your eight hours of volunteer work and get scheduled before your spring activities get so busy that you run out of time! Eight hours is easy: Two adoption Saturdays of four hours each ... and we’re a fun group!


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