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The time has come

Herb Snips

It was my intention to be back with the Herb Snips column this month but life circumstances have changed that. My recovery from a broken leg and Mike's health issues will be ongoing for several months. Once we are on our feet we have decided to head in a new direction.

We will sell our home and move closer to family. We will miss our dear friends and the amazing sense of community here in Tehachapi. There will be no replacing our wonder-filled home with its oaks hanging over the spacious deck and the running creek behind. The sunset, mountains, valley views along with a beloved herb garden will be cherished memories. Oh my, yes!

It will be difficult to step back from sharing the herb snips with you all. It has been a joy and privilege. Your participation with questions and suggestions has been an education for me. It brings to mind the adage, "when you become a teacher by your pupils you will be taught."

Thanks for sharing these many years and thanks to Claudia and her staff at The Loop newspaper for their support and ideas.

I am honored to have spent this time with you all. My email remains the same [email protected]. I would enjoy hearing from you anytime.