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New Year, New look for us too!

Tehachapi Natural Market


January 4, 2020

Josh Crisalli

Sarah Rose and Teresa Dunlop are ready to reintroduce you to Tehachapi Natural Market at their Grand Opening on Jan. 8.

The Tehachapi Natural Market is ready to start the new year with a new vibe and wants you to celebrate with them. The Market, located at 20221 W. Valley Blvd., did a soft opening almost exactly two years ago and was warmly welcomed by the community but now they're ready to do a grand opening. Owner Teresa Dunlop is excited about the changes they've made. "I brought on a partner in November with fresh eyes and new ideas. It was just what we needed. We've added seating, brought in new merchandise and added new items to the menu. The response from our customers has been fabulous!" Part of the new look was the decision to join the Greater Tehachapi Area Chamber of Commerce and hold a Grand Opening party on Jan. 8 between 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. with ribbon cutting at 4 p.m. Everyone is invited. "We will have complimentary food and drinks as well as special deals on our smoothies and juices. There will also be a raffle for gift cards and some cool items."

The Tehachapi Natural Market is a health food market with a smoothie and juice bar. Last September they started serving acia bowls along with their incredibly delicious and healthy smoothies and juices. With the arrival of the new partner, Sarah Rose, they've added plant based, organic soups and waffles. "The response to the soups and waffles has been amazing," Sarah says. "My husband and I are vegan and though Teresa isn't, she is definitely vegan friendly so she was 100 percent behind the idea to make plant based soups. Our customers are loving it! " She goes on to explain, "Plant based means that there are no animal products, not even dairy products, in any of our soups. They are gluten free was well. For our minestrone and chickpea noodle soups, we give the customer a choice of gluten free pasta or traditional pasta at no extra charge." Teresa has been so supportive of plant based eating that she's agreed to add "Vegan Pleasin' Café" to the business name, something Sarah is really excited about. "As vegans, my husband and I have had a really hard time finding healthy, plant based food options in our community. We joked years ago that we were going to open our own restaurant and call it Vegan Pleasin' Café but our other business (John the Plumber) keeps us so busy we never saw it as a possibility. Partnering with Teresa made it possible."

Teresa and Sarah are committed to serving and selling only the best products available. "Providing organic, non-GMO foods are a top priority for us," Teresa says. "It's not easy. Sometimes organic options just aren't available but we do our best." Their commitment to providing the best and healthiest food options also extends to educating the public on healthy food choices. The Market has hosted presentations by a local health coach and is planning a second free showing of the movie Secret Ingredients on Jan. 18 at 6 p.m. "We did a showing of the movie the first year that we opened and had a lot of interest," Teresa explains. "The movie is a non-preachy exposé on the effects of Roundup in the lives of several families and how they healed by changing what they ate. We will be serving healthy snacks and will have time after the movie for discussion."

So what are their plans for 2020? "More of the same," laughs Sarah. "Teresa has built a great business by listening to her customers and being willing to special order anything we don't have. We plan to continue listening to our customers and doing our best to provide what they want. What we're hearing is that they really want healthy, prepared foods. We are committed to having hot soups every day, all day and having the cold case well stocked with our amazing salads. The people have spoken and want to be fed!"


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