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Why Canine Creek really is your furry family's favorite place to shop

I'm the kind of animal lover who would visit pet stores and boutiques, even when I didn't have a pet to shop for.

It was like window shopping for my future furry family. The sights and sounds of squeaky toys held me over until the day I had fur babies of my own.

When I lived in Orange County, I could walk to every store I needed from my apartment. I often took the longer route so I could walk through Petsmart and dream of wet noses and soft fur. It was still a couple years, after moving back to my hometown of Tehachapi, that I added a cat and dog to my family. In the meantime, I found my newest dream store, Canine Creek.

First we adopted a kitten, Luna, from Have a Heart. And since Canine Creek isn't just for pups, I was able to start shopping at my favorite store in town. About two years later, I adopted my pup Sunny, again from Have a Heart. Then the full-on Pet Wash & Boutique magic began! While Sunny is still unsure about bath time, I love the self-serve bathing option at the shop. It's perfect for bonding with your pup and treats are always available after.

I started working at Canine Creek in the summer of 2019. Now, while this may seem to be a biased opinion, it truly is the best pet boutique I've ever experienced. The owner and staff are so knowledgeable and genuinely care about their customers – the people and the pets. Every day people come in with uncertainties about food or medical conditions or even which toy will outlast their enthusiastic chewer. Canine Creek always has a solution.

Now the best part. I've had a few customers tell me they love bathing their dogs (and cats) in the self-serve tubs or with our talented groomers, but they like coming in with their pets just for fun so the worry of bath time isn't the only memory their fur babies have of Canine Creek. This may sound odd, but I swear the expressions on dogs' faces as they enter the store is the same look of joy I see on my children's faces when I take them to Disneyland.

If you haven't tried our store yet, please come in and bring your pup! We can find the perfect food, treat or toy to satisfy your adorable little family. Whether you have a pet, a grandpet or are awaiting the day you have one of your own, stop by Canine Creek – you'll love it.

For more information about Canine Creek Pet Wash & Boutique, call (661) 822-0307, or come in and say hi at 798 Tucker Rd., Ste. 5 in Tehachapi.